Free trees for Bellevue!

Planting and protecting trees for a better future

300 Trees + City of Bellevue!

300 Trees has partnered with Bellevue to help our city reach its long-term tree canopy goal!

Through tree giveaways, school programs, planting projects, and tree protection, we will achieve 40% canopy coverage by 2050.

Our kids and grandkids will enjoy a clean, beautiful city!

Tree Giveaway

300 Trees and the City of Bellevue gave away over 700 trees to residents and organizations this fall!

When is the next giveaway?  300 Trees will hold another giveaway in spring 2022.  Sign up for our newsletter or check back here in December or January to sign up for your free trees.

Sammamish HS Mini Forest

On Nov. 13-14, 300 Trees will help Sammamish High School students plant 300 trees on their campus!

Would you like to help?  Sign up for one or more of the three-hour tree-planting shifts on this YMCA signup page.

This ground-breaking collaboration brings together the students, 300 Trees, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, US Forest Service, Bellevue School District, YMCA Earth Service Corps, and the City of Bellevue.

It’s also a triumph of the students’ patience and persistence during a pandemic.

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Bellevue's Tree Canopy

Let’s improve canopy coverage in every neighborhood!