Who we are

Passionate people protecting our planet
through practical programs and partnerships


Increase tree canopy to benefit people and the planet.


Extend the benefits of trees to every neighborhood in Bellevue.


Volunteers enhance government efforts because we are fired up to do this!

Our story

300 Trees is a branch of the environmental group 350 Eastside, a chapter of the global environmental movement 350.org.

Our name, 300 Trees, is a tribute to hundreds of trees that were needlessly cut down in East Bellevue by Puget Sound Energy to build a redundant power line in 2020.

Long story short, we lost the battle to save inspiring trees planted in the last century by forward-thinking city leaders. 

But we can’t give up when our city and our planet is at stake.  The decisions we make today will determine what kind of world our kids and grandkids inherit.

Instead of continuing to fight PSE and our city, we see enormous opportunities to build partnerships and serve our community.

One tree at a time. 

Our team

Barbra Chevalier holds leadership positions with the League of Women Voters and the campaign to establish a public utility district in King County.  She is a stay-at-home-mom to two young children.

Don Marsh is a co-founder of CENSE, a non-profit organization representing Eastside neighborhoods on energy and environmental issues.  Don works for a Seattle startup company creating robots that operate under the ocean, in space, and industrial settings.

Barb Braun is Treasurer of CENSE, a non-profit representing Eastside neighbors on energy and environmental issues.  Barb works as a management consultant helping leaders and organizations of all types become more efficient and effective.


Joan Nolan is retired from the Washington State Department of Ecology where she worked on water quality improvement projects.  Joan is also a board member of CENSE.

Phil Ritter is a Steering Committee member of 350 Eastside. Phil works as a CPA/Financial Consultant with nonprofit affordable housing developers.

Bellevue's Tree Canopy

Let’s improve canopy coverage in every neighborhood!