300trees is a special project of 350 Eastside, a local chapter of 350.org, the international movement to “build a future that’s just, prosperous, equitable and safe from the effects of the climate crisis.”  As we pursue the goal of a livable planet for future generations, local actions are important.  Like saving hundreds of trees from a private corporation driven by profit.

300trees is supported by numerous neighborhood associations, environmental organizations, indigenous people, and faith groups (see the logos at the bottom of our home page).


Don Marsh, a seasoned community activist, serves as president of 300trees.  Don is also the president of CENSE.org, a non-profit coalition of Eastside neighborhoods seeking safe, smart, and sustainable energy solutions.  Don is a volunteer member of Puget Sound Energy’s “Technical Advisory Group,” providing community feedback on long-range energy plans.

Don Marsh at rally
Don Marsh addresses a 300trees rally in 2018

300trees leaders include Emily Powell, Sara Papanikolaou, and Lin Hagedorn, who serve on the Steering Committee for 350 Eastside.  Phil Ritter serves as treasurer.  David Schwartz, a leader of efforts to replace PSE with a public utility (ekc-pud.org), provides technical support.

Financial support

300trees is supported by generous donations from engineers at Microsoft and Google who believe smart technologies and energy policies can provide reliable, affordable electricity while minimizing the destruction of our natural resources.  

Donations allow us to promote our cause with protests, advertisements, and social media engagement.  Please support us with your own tax-deductible donation today! (300trees qualifies for many corporate matching fund programs.)