Working with the City


To achieve its goal of 75,000 new trees by 2050, the City of Bellevue launched a free tree program in Fall 2022, similar to Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program.  However, Seattle’s program is currently planting less than half the annual number of trees that Bellevue needs, and it’s expensive (about $150 per tree).

300 Trees is working with the City to achieve its goal.  We have been operating a Free Tree program since Spring of 2021 and we are gaining practical experience and insights we can share.

300 Trees provides neighbor-to-neighbor connections and working relationships with homeowners.  

With the resources and reach of the City and the enthusiasm of our volunteers, we believe this is a public/non-profit partnership that can prosper and succeed in achieving our ambitious goals.

Bellevue's Tree Canopy

Let’s improve canopy coverage in every neighborhood!