Your success is essential to ours

Quick action

When you partner with a government agency, it takes time and patience.

When you partner with a large business, strings may be attached.  

For 300 Trees, our goals are simple:

  1. Get trees planted, quickly and efficiently.
  2. Make our  partners happy.

The scope of our impact depends on our partners and their success.  We embrace win-win scenarios for everyone unencumbered by quid pro quos.

What kind of partners?

It’s not an exhaustive list, but we welcome partnerships with

  • Schools.  We want to help kids become environmental stewards.
  • Churches.  We help churches add trees and nourish our natural resources.
  • Governments.  We advocate for better land use codes and augment public efforts to increase tree canopy.
  • Businesses.  Businesses are an essential part of the solution, improving the lives of employees that live and work in Bellevue.  We look for ways to showcase your ideas and technology.
  • Neighborhoods.  We help improve neighborhoods one block at a time.
  • Non-profits.  For other organizations seeking to plant trees, let’s coordinate to make an even bigger impact!

Next step

Contact us so we can explore the possibilities.


Bellevue's Tree Canopy

Let’s improve canopy coverage in every neighborhood!