Big challenges, big plans

Bellevue in transition

Bellevue is growing.  Long known as the “City in a Park,” big projects and economic ambitions are putting a lot of pressure on trees.  Warmer winters and drier summers are adding more stress.

To reverse worrisome tree canopy trends, bold action is needed.  300 Trees challenges us to think outside the box.

Free tree events

The 300 Trees free tree pilot program for Fall 2020 was a roaring success.  We distributed 50% more trees than we planned for.  The Spring 2021 event was five times bigger than Fall!  (See photos here.)

With the help of our volunteers, we kept costs under $20 per tree, financed by private donors.  By comparison, Seattle’s free tree program costs $150 per tree!

As we plan for our Fall 2021 event and several events for Bellevue schools, we anticipate planting over 1,000 trees in 2021, our first full year of operation.

While there are large challenges ahead, the enthusiastic response of Bellevue residents and the passion of our volunteers gives us hope!

Tiny Forests

In addition to our free tree programs, we are excited about an innovative project known as a “Tiny Forest.”  It’s a densely planted miniature forest about the size of a tennis court that rapidly becomes a self-sustaining eco-system for birds and animals.  Invented in Japan, Tiny Forests are now appearing in Europe.

300 Trees is coordinating public grant funds, private donations, Northwest vegetation experts, volunteers, and land donors to make Bellevue one of the first Tiny Forest success stories in the nation!

Cool, right?

Outside the box

Bellevue is a leader in high-tech innovation.  Why not use leading-edge policies and technology in pursuit of climate solutions?

We are talking to the Department of Transportation about the possibility of using remotely operated drones to plant trees in hard-to-reach stretches of land near freeways.  Yes, it sounds like science fiction, but we have members who do amazing things in their high-tech jobs.  Let’s leverage those skills!

Do you have a great idea to improve Bellevue’s tree canopy?  Tell us about it!

Bellevue's Tree Canopy

Let’s improve canopy coverage in every neighborhood!